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Our Process


Design and Development (“D&D”) Phase,

In this initial phase, we work closely with doctor families to develop their “Initial Foundation Plan” (IFP) based on personal goals, income, lifestyle, and current financial situation. The IFP provides clients with insight into their finances and context for making appropriate decisions. D&D will help you organize your finances beyond a spreadsheet and will provide clarity and context about your money and how to prioritize what you should do with it.


Plan to commit 20 – 25 hours in D&D, which includes meetings, data gathering, and outside assignments. To help you stay on track, we provide Meeting Notes after each appointment summarizing key takeaways, Action Items, and next steps. It’s important to complete tasks and provide relevant documents timely to maximize our sessions effectiveness. This phase usually takes 6 months based on a meeting every 4 to 5 weeks. 

  • Meeting 1 (1 hour): Getting Organized with eMoney (GO)
  • Meeting 2 (2 hours): Money History & Goals (MHG)
  • Meeting 3 (2 hours): Cash Flow and Investing (CFI)
  • Meeting 4 (2 hours): Rough Draft Review (RDR)
  • Meeting 5 (1 hour): Presentation of Initial Foundation Plan (IFP)

Monitoring and Adjustment Phase

With your IFP in place, we will serve as your co-pilot during the rest of your first year to keep you on track and on task, especially in areas that may be new to you. While we’ll be here to guide and answer questions at your request, we’ll reach out for a couple of meetings to check in and make sure you’re staying on track. Ongoing Planning clients will continue partnering with us to update their plans and expectations, as we monitor the impact of future life changes.

  • Meeting 6 (90 minutes): Third quarter 90-Day Cash Flow Review & Progress Check
  • Meeting 7 (1 hour): Fourth quarter check-in


Monitoring and Adjustment Phase

Your Initial Foundation Plan (IFP) is in place, but financial planning is dynamic. As life evolves, so do your goals and circumstances. We're here to monitor your progress and adjust your plan accordingly.

We estimate 1 hour for each core meeting and the next 30 minutes for any added topic items. When we’re not meeting, we are available throughout the year to answer questions and provide advice as needed either by email or additional meetings.

  • Meeting 1 (90 mins): Cash Flow Review
  • Meeting 2 (90 mins): Investment Review & Annual Rebalance
  • Meeting 3 (90 mins): Financial Plan Update)